Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring Showers

Spring showers bring May flowers......

I've heard this a million times. But this year, it has a totally different meaning for me. My baby bug has blossomed under the warm May sun. This past week my whole family went on vacation and it was great for all of us. Especially great for bonding with Ben. It just seemed to have clicked for him this past week. Almost like overnight he decided this was his family and he knows he belongs with us.

My name has now been replaced from "Momma Yina" to "Mommy". AND I LOVE IT!!! God has blessed me with my child and when he looks up at me with his most handsome eyes, I can't help but give thanks. I pray I never forget just how blessed we are. Enough of the teary stuff...on to the antics.

Ben has a personality that just gets better everyday. He loves to play Dinosaur, Action Fingers, Snake and just about everything else that is "all boy". He kept most of us rolling this past week. Oh, and one great thing that needs to be mentioned...I believe he has just about beaten his motion sickness. Can I get a "Halelujah"? Now the lil' bug can go everywhere with us. And his sleeping pattern seems to be smoothing into just that...a pattern. Overall he just seems more at peace and comfortable. I am so glad to see him easing into being part of our family. I have so many hopes for him. Now I feel he has a chance at conquering the whole world!