Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Premature in the Nursery

Well....I guess we were a little premature in fixing up the nursery. We were informed today that we were KO'd for the birth certificate, again. We were also told that we are no longer dealing with a "simple" rectification. (I don't see what has been so simple about it) Now that our braniac facilitator has resubmitted with the decreto posing as the rectification that was required, we have to correct the damage that has been done. This means that first, we have to get a court order to obtain a "inscription" that cancels the decreto. Once this is obtained we can proceed with a reposition. If I am correct the latter can be gotten by the notarial way. Which normally takes about two months. The first step, no one has been able to give us a clue as to how long it may take. If you remember, our facilitator was trying to get the rectification originally by way of a court order. He tried for over 4 months and was still empty handed. In all, it boils down to, we are now looking well into 2007 before being able to bring Ben home. What a mess.