Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Season of good cheer!

Hi all! I hope everyone is well. We went to Ben's first Christmas parade last weekend. What a blast! The whole world changes when you see it through a child's eyes. As the parade would pass by, people would throw candy towards Ben. He would get so excited and yell out, "Wow!" At one time, he looked at me and said, "This is better than Halloween!" By the time the parade was over he had a whole blanket full of loot. Aside from the candy, he really enjoyed just being there. I love seeing him so happy.

Another story I have to tell. This one is outside of holiday cheer. It falls under the heading of just plain 'ol everyday life with my lil' man. Since he has been recently potty trained, going to the bathroom around my house is a REALLY big deal. So much so, that when he poopoos, we make comments on it like, "Wow, that's a monster poopoo", or "Look, there's the babies!". At any rate, today he was on the toilet, trying his best to poopoo. After he has turned himself red in the face, he looks up at my husband and says, "I can't, my poopoo must be asleep." and then shrugs his shoulders as if to say he just doesn't understand life sometimes.

The pics are of my Mom and Dad in the parade, Ben at the beach right before the parade, Ben's very own toy soldier, (actually he was part of the parade and he jumped out of line and squatted by us just as my sister was about to click the camera). Thanks to the toy soldier, whomever you are!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, December 08, 2008

He ain't no Woodsman!

My baby is a lot of things, but he ain't no Woodsman! Yesterday was a very traumatic day for our family. My lil' one got his hand caught in a wood splitter...yikes! Needless to say we spent most of the evening and night at the emergency room. They had to perform surgery and piece his finger back together. The bone was crushed but according to the surgeon, it was still viable and he expects a wonderful recovery. Thank you God! My lil' soldier was so brave. And he stole the hearts of everyone he came in contact with. When one of the nurses went to put his patch for the EKG on him, he looked up at her and said, "No thanks". That did it for the whole surgery crew. From then on in I believe they all would have given him their lives just to keep him comfortable.

Well my lil' soldier is home, resting wonderfully. And I am so thankful it isn't any worse. He's a real trooper.

I said he ain't no Woodsmen, but he is super-duper smart. I bet this will be the only time he decides to test the wood splitter. (I hope)