Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boos and Bears

Hi all!
We spent the weekend on the road. First we went to the Discovery Place in Charlotte. It was a lot of fun and Ben got a kick out of all the exhibits. But the one he kept wanting to go back to was the bears. They had a Grizzly that ws huge and he just loved it!

Today we went to the zoo. They had a Boo-fest for Halloween. Kids got to play games, face-painting, dress up in their costumes and get some candy. Ben just loves being at the zoo. This was our second trip this year. Because of the weather, this one was a much more enjoyable trip than the last year. It was a beautiful day! Ben went through every exhibit, but he enjoyed the Sea Lions the most. They were in a playful mood and kept swimming right in front of him. The bears had already layed down for an afternoon nap. So there wasn't much to see there. But the whole place was abuzz with children dressed up and enjoying the day. I have attached a few pictures. From now on, whenever I look back at these pictures, I will count it as one of the most perfect days.

God bless,


Joshua said...

How cute!! He is all boy!!! Looks like you all had a great time!!

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