Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Showers and May Flowers

Another spring and all is right with the world at George's Farm. Ben is growing like a weed. And he is smart as a whip. The things that come out of his, they floor me sometimes.

His adjustment has come a long way since last spring. He has been home 16 months and he still talks about his foster-family in Guatemala. But now it seems to all be coming together for him. When you ask him where he was born, he will reply, "Guatemala" And when you ask, "Where do you live?" He says, "In Pollocksville, with Momma and Papa." And he definitely is able to make the distinction between his foster-mother and myself. He seems to no longer feel the tug of war in his heart. (Thank you Lord!) His relationship with other people seems to come and go. He has his good days. On those, he trusts almost everybody he should. But on bad days, he is very wary of those around him. But as I said earlier, it's all coming together. It has been a long road for my pumpkin and those that love him. But the ties he is establishing right now are deep and strong and I pray they will be the one's that get him through the tough times as he gets older.

That last statement was a little odd, I know. I found out this week that a friend of mine from high school killed himself a few years back. It has shook me to the core. What would bring a person to do that? If he could have held on just a moment longer before taking the actions he did, maybe life would have seemed a little different. But he didn't. And so ended a precious gift he was entrusted with, his life. If only he would have reached out to someone. I can name over a dozen people that would have been there for him, if he would have just asked. Such a tragedy. A loss that all of us feel, in some way or another. God bless you B. Even though we were no longer close, you are missed. I hope you have peace.

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Mamita J said...


Wow!!! Ben is growing up!!!

He is more beautiful than ever!

It sounds like things are going well for you. It really is a lifetime of helping our children figure this out. God bless you as you bless Ben.

I'm sorry about your friend. It's so sad that someone could lose hope that tomorrow is a new day. There is always hope.