Sunday, October 25, 2009


Is that how you spell it? At any rate, the meaning, in a word?.....slacker! I know, that's me. Sorry. I feel especially slacking today as I was catching up on a friends site and the news of her son. She is VERY good at keeping up her site. Kuddos to you! (It must be your mad scientist traits) So, I'm making a be a "little" better. One thing that should help will be this new super-duper, suped up model of a laptop. It has a "program" that remembers my logins and passwords. I know, sounds simple. But for me, not so much. One time I forgot my codes to this sight for over six month. And then one night, in a moment of rare inspiration, it just came to me. (Thank you Lord for those moments, but if I may, they are more few and far between than I would like).

On to Ben..he is just plain wonderful! He started preschool this year. I am soooo proud him. He has adjusted well, (even though they changed teachers on him a few weeks into school) He is catching up fine. (sniff in the air to the teacher that said he would be behind for a while and even hinted at us holding him back a year or two..what does she know. She obviously was incapable of picking up on the blatant signs of genius that my son exudes from every pore!) No, I am not bitter.

Ben is learning how to create and nourish friends. This has been fun to watch. But at times, a little disheartening. Some days he comes home and I ask him about his friends he usually talks about the most. He will reply with a smile turned upside down and then a comment like, "He didn't want to share with me." Well, I guess they are all learning to nourish relationships.

He has seemed to have been voted the "most eligible batchelor" of the pre-k class. When I bring Ben in the mornings, there are four adorable girls waiting for his arrival. One of them always keeps a lookout at her post near the front door. When they see us coming, I can hear her squeel, "there he is" as she goes running back to the others in their group. Then they giggle and squeel with delight. When we turn the corner into his room. They rush forward and said in their sweetest and most coy voices, "Good morning Ben". He usually grunts and rolls his eyes. (That a way baby! Just you remember who your number one is...Mama!)

Below are some of his recent photos. My baby...the most wonderful child that ever graced the earth!